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- How to DEVELOP AND PRACTICE effective leadership in your personal and professional leadership roles!


- The foundation to what makes the "Yes, I A.M." method so effective at creating sustainable leadership development and lifetime growth!


- Insight into the life of Coach Shawn and a piece of his journey of how he used the "Yes, I A.M." method to become a successful leader in his personal and professional leadership roles.


- How to maximize your existing influence - and improve your leadership in your roles without wasting your money on ineffective tools, resources, or solutions!


"[Coach Shawn] speaks to the struggles of so many men, young and old, who find themselves in situations they do not understand or realize they are experiencing. The Brick by Brick strategy laid out in this book will be helpful and impactful for many."


   - Scott A.

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Shawn Singleton, II is the author of "Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking," and Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine who coaches youth and young adults on how to effectively manage their influence in their personal and professional leadership roles.

As a Husband, Community Leader, Engineer, and Certified Cognitive Behavioral, Life, and Business Coach, I know what it takes to become an effective leader in personal and professional leadership roles.

I created the "Yes, I A.M." leadership method from several personal and professional experiences, from being raised without a father in a single-parent household to head coach and community leader to organizational leadership and management. I have experienced, overcome, and understand almost every obstacle youth and young adults face today regarding development and understanding how to create a foundation to become the leader they desire to become. 

Our Core Leadership Principles


Recognize you may not be leading as effectively as you could be, or even still have room for development and growth in your leadership roles.


Assess the critical areas in your personal leadership roles, beginning with the fundamental areas that tie directly into your influence in your leadership.


Make a plan of action to address the areas that are affecting your leadership. This could mean a simple reconstruction or a complete rebuild of your framework and understanding. 


Protect your development and growth! In order to create sustainable effectiveness, it requires a "Brick-by-Brick" process. One that starts with understanding your self and leads to positive impact in your home, business, and community.

"Yes, I A.M."

a Leader!

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Will you accept the challenge? Hear from those who have...   

Terrell C.


"Reshape Your Thinking brought a lot of awareness to the everyday life of conquering success. Keeping things straight forward from great understanding."

Ethan C. 

Freelance Designer

"[Coach] Shawn has a lot of knowledge and is a great teacher. He has brought lots of peace to my life in an otherwise scary time."

M. Owens

Corporate Executive

" [Coach] Shawn has a unique way of communicating without making me feel judged. He is very direct but yet tactful. He has really helped me change the way I think about things. I really appreciate all of the help he has given.


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