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Our passion is creating an environment where youth and young adults can feel comfortable, understand themselves, and enjoy developing into more disciplined life leaders! This program will help them process life transitions and become confident in their abilities to conquer life change!

Inspired by leading physicians in Chiropractic Care, Dr. Jason and Whitney Hamed of The Wellness Connection, who have a combined 40 years of experience in patient care with specialties in pediatric and prenatal development to posture correction and disc bulge recovery. Coach Shawn has leveraged their knowledge and his lifelong training experiences to design a unique program that creates self-awareness through physical development while bridging the gap to advocate for the parents and the community!


As a Certified Life Coach, Youth Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer, and former multi-sport athlete, Coach Shawn created this program to encourage overall wellness while significantly reducing the risk of injury through building the proper muscular structure and strength in the mind and body before their injuries cause problems as they grow into adults. Whether they're an athlete looking to prepare for the season or just looking to have a Coach who is committed to more than just their physical appearance! Coach Shawn takes the "Yes, I A.M." Leadership framework and packages it in an engaging & interactive system that continues to encourage others to become strong influential leaders in-and-outside of sports!

The (3), (6), (12), & (15) Session Programs include meal plans** made with our licensed nutritionist, and sessions are on your schedule within 30 days with no-contract commitment!

We have several options to fit all budgets and developmental ranges. We only ask that if you start a program to finish it out so you can receive the full value of your purchase!

Coach Shawn


Founder/ President

Shawn "Coach Shawn" Singleton, II is a 2021 CREA Award Recipient, author of "Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking", Husband, Community Leader, Engineer, Certified Personal Trainer, Former multi-sport athlete, and Cognitive Behavioral, Life, and Business Coach who has committed the last 14 years of his life learning what it takes to become an effective leader in personal and professional leadership roles.

As a child to a single mother, life was not easy, and Shawn was forced to grow up a lot quicker than most young children. Sports and Exercise became the go-to place for escape from reality to dream about the future of one day becoming the man he had never been able to witness throughout his childhood. His mother told him early on she was going to be unable to pay for his college education, but it didn't seem to stop him, it fueled him. By the age of 12 he had mapped out his path to a full-ride scholarship, and even though he was pretty decent in his athletic career, his mother was unable to pay for advanced training. That's when he learned that sports and exercise were tools that could be used to stretch the mind and prepare the body to endure for life ahead.

He would go on to get a full academic scholarship to Maryville University where he received a Bachelor's in Business Administration, served as a campus leader a part of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and created a way to continue his passion as a college athlete and founded the first Club Basketball Organization at Maryville University.

From there, our core leadership principles were born as began developing what is now recognized as the "Yes, I A.M." leadership method from several personal and professional experiences and certifications.


From being raised without a father in a single-parent household to head coach and community leader to organizational leadership and management. Coach Shawn has experienced, overcome, and understands almost every obstacle youth and young adults face today regarding development and understanding how to create a strong foundation to become the leader they desire to become.

Kristy Shaughnessy

Kristy Profile Photo.jpg

Clinical Nutritionist

Kristy was born in New York in an Irish and Polish family, which means culture, food and traditions have always been a huge part of her life growing up, giving her a natural passion for nutrition.


As a child, Kristy struggled with her weight, getting nutritional advice from a conventional approach that simply didn’t work. It wasn’t until she attended a seminar of Dr. Olivia Joseph’s, that she gained hope and saw the benefits of helping others reach their health goals through a holistic approach. At that moment she realized she wanted to be in the healthcare field in the future and was determined to reach this goal so she could help others who struggled just like herself. Providing simple, healthy, and easy-to-follow alternatives to eating healthy and educating the community on the importance of this for healthier generations to come.

Kristy was very active growing up, involved in dance and soccer, but what really made a difference in her life was getting involved in Tae Kwon Do. It truly changed her life, giving the values that carried with her into adulthood. At the young age of 13, she achieved her goal and got her black belt!

Kristy received her Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Human Performance with honors from Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri.

In her free time, Kristy enjoys soaking up the sunshine and being outdoors, spending time with her family and friends, cooking and baking, traveling and going to concerts