Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking

Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking

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As a Certified Life, Business and Cognitive Behavioral Coach, a trusted leadership expert by International Business Management Institute and Brainz Magazine, Shawn has proven to be a gifted individual who has laid the groundwork for his life and others to continue to grow!


His efforts awarded him the 2021 CREA Global Award along with a position as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine! He is truly an example of what all people, especially men, should aspire to be. Everything he touches, he gives his absolute best and appears to turn to gold!


This is a book that will change the way you think about leadership. It is the first of its kind, written by a man who has experienced both sides of leadership and has seen what works and what doesn't work when it comes to developing leaders. The "Yes I A.M." method was developed by Coach Shawn over his lifetime in sports, business, and childhood as he tried to find ways to develop himself as an athlete while also learning how to lead those around him. As he learned more about coaching others, he realized that this same method could be used in any profession or personal life.


This leadership book seeks to challenge your normal ideologies, but it will make them better! Changing your perspective is a journey, but this book shows you the steps that you follow that are custom fit specifically to your environment and personality.


Unlike the traditional “self-help” authors, Coach Shawn creatively brings a twist to what success in life indeed looks like and understands that it is different for everyone. You might often find yourself blaming others for the mistakes of your life in the areas of finances, physical and mental health, relationships, or even your career. These problems can often be traced to a part of use that we seldom care to change. In Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking Coach Shawn reveals why our lives may have turned bad. He shows us how our failure in various areas could be traced to our thinking and mental condition. He reveals the mental impacts of wrong association and advises readers on how to solve these problems without damaging our relationships.


Learn how to become an effective leader inside your home, community, and business!


Message from the Author:


“Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking was first drafted in 2018 when I realized that people wereAmazon missing out on practical life and leadership skills because of a lack of resources. Those who had the great ideas were pioneering their future while profiting handsomely by providing small "nuggets" of information on how they achieved their success without teaching others how to achieve it on their own. I realized that at that point, I was one of those successful people who others looked to for advice, and it ignited a passion in me to become a Certified Coach and an Author! I believe every one of us has a purpose, plan, and ultimately called to become leaders in our lives for others to see and become inspired.”

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