Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking

Brick-by-Brick: Reshape Your Thinking seeks to challenge every idea or concept that has contributed to creating who you are as a person... Shawn creatively brings a twist to what effective leadership in life indeed looks like and understands that it is different for everyone.


"[Coach Shawn's] first and enduring message is that there is hope, but it will take time."


- Jon Michael Miller

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Online Leadership Course

Growing up, I never had access to the person who inspired me to take leadership over my life and become the man I needed to take my leadership to the next level! 


I designed this Lifetime Course so that you will always have access to me and the Yes, I A.M. Leadership principles as you begin to come into your understanding of self and mindset and develop into an effective leader in your home, business, and community!

As you continue to grow into more personal and professional leadership roles inside your life, this course will be a tremendous resource for you that will continue to be updated with exclusive content, resources, tools, and unlimited virtual coaching to keep you on your path to success!





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