LEadership experiences  

Each Leadership Experience includes (optional):

Silver Package

This is a 4-hour workshop that highlights the Yes, I A.M. Leadership method through more practical application and facilitates discussion.

  • Ideal for small classrooms, volunteer groups, events less than 25 people. 

Conference Room

Keynote Speaker

Booking Coach Shawn as your Keynote Speaker means you want to highlight the essence of your event and capture your target audience. This means a thoroughly researched and prepared presentation that invokes thought or action from your audience based on your key values and overcoming issues specific to YOUR organization, industry, or audience. 

Keynote Speaker Topics: 

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Graduations

  • Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking

  • Yes, I A.M. Leadership Method 

  • Athletic Ceremonies

Conference Room

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is a full-day workshop that allows for an in-depth approach to the Yes I A.M. Leadership method and tailored to fit your target audience. We discuss the narrative for the session and collaborate on the material presented to emphasize your goal of booking your Experience.


  • Ideal for school assemblies, multiple group sessions, large groups, camps, non-profit events,etc.  

High School Exterior

1-1 Personal Coaching

Coaching is just what you need if you don't believe you need counseling. The coaching service is designed to set you up for achieving your leadership goals by filling out a pre-questionnaire and providing a FREE INITIAL COACHING SESSION. We believe in making sure the relationship can work before we commit hard-earned resources! 

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